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Thermalbath in Bogács




Opening hours


1 May - 31 May: 9am to 7pm

1 June - 31 August: 9am to 8pm

1 October - 31 September: 9am to 7pm

1 October - 30 April: 9am to 5pm


The thermalbath is open every day.



Address: H-3412 Bogács, 16 Dózsa György street.

Tel: +36 49 534-410, +36 49 534-055


The water of bath belongs to the group of sulphurous water which explains its effects primarily for those whose suffer from rheumatic diseases.


The temperature of water is 70-72° Celsius, content of free carbon dioxide is not negligible. The inhalation of hydrogen carbonate while having bath has positive effects.


In case of indigestion drinking of spa's water is slightly purgative and antacid.



Spa's water is also good for dental care, tartar can be removed from teeth.


It also positively affects gynecological diseases.



Summarizing, thermal water of Bogács improves health, being. Services at medical center can help both physical and mental regeneration.










Map to Napsugár Guesthouse.